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Heiner S. Behrends, Production Intern.

Heiner S. Behrends graduated from the scenography and media art departments of the Academy of Fine Arts Minerva in Groningen , the Netherlands in 2003. Since then he's attending the master degree course for scenography at the Frank Mohr-instituut in Groningen.

Most of his work can de described as a combination of theatrical elements and media arts. He's been working as a designer for theatre productions and exhibitions including 'U.S. Amok' at the Noord Nederlands Toneel -theatre and 'Sporen van het Spullenbeest', assisting the artist Wim T. Schippers. Besides that he made autonomous works which were shown at different galleries in the Netherlands, including the theatre performance 'The Sinking of Titanic' (USVA 2002), the installation 'Entropian Refridgerator' (Gallerie Sign 2003), and the video 'Selfportrait als genetische code' (Kunstvlaai Amsterdam 2004 ).

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