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Henriette Brouwers, Associate Director.

Henriette Brouwers has worked with LA Poverty Department for 3 years and is the director of LAPD's 2003 work "La Llorona: Weeping Women on Skid Row", recently performed on Skid Row LA and at a national conference on women and poverty. Henriette is a performer and director, with 25 years experience in Europe and the US. She finished her studies at the 'Academie for Expression by Word and Gesture' in her native Netherlands and studied corporeal mime with Etienne Decroux and theatre with Augusto Boal in Paris. In the US she's performed and directed at 7 Stages Atlanta, The Baltimore Theater Project and Touchstone Theatre in Bethlehem, PA. She was movement director for "Blue Monk" (working with director Ed Smith) at the 1996 Olympic Arts Festival in Atlanta. Her latest solo, "La Lengua: the Tongue of Cortes" was presented at UT in Knoxville and in LA at Highways in 2000. With LAPD, she assisted John Malpede in directing "Is There History on Skid Row?" and "Agents & Assets", in which she plays the role of Ms Pelosi. She's taught theater at the University of Tennessee, Towson University and the Baltimore HS for the Arts, and at Pomona College in Claremont. She was featured in a Bill Viola video in "The Passions" in 2002.

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