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September 11, 2004 // Transcripts and Pictures
Neon Days
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Head Start: Maximum

Nell Fields, Aleece Jones (Dir. LKLP Head Start), Lois Hill (Head Start teacher),
Steve Brewer (former student and community activist), etc. September 11, 2004

Nell Fields: …RFK in EKY, which was a project that we designed around providing a platform for the issues of 1968 and 2004 to be discussed again and put on the table and talked about and reflected upon and visualized, hopefully, by
all of us – solutions to the problems of today. One of the War on Poverty programs, one of the most successful parts of the War on Poverty programs, was the Head Start program. So that’s why we decided to focus this forum around
the Head Start program and, in particular, because it’s had such a positive impact on things in eastern Kentucky and Appalachia where – which was what Kennedy’s visit was about was visiting here in Appalachia and looking at the
circumstances of children living in poverty at the time. Continued.

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