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In order to recreate Kennedy's two day visit to eastern Kentucky, John Malpede has spent the past several years investigating and collecting primary sources from archives and libraries, and documenting anecdotal recollections of the people who were present.

Two major pieces of the tour's content exist in the congressional record - the transcripts of the Senate Subcommittee on Manpower, Employment and Poverty hearings in Vortex on February 13, 1968 and in Fleming-Neon on February 14, 1968. These transcripts - dealing specifically with the effectiveness and potential of the "war on poverty" legislation, as well as a number of issues raised by the citizens of eastern Kentucky, are a major part of the RFK in EKY script.

Nevertheless, these transcripts reflect only six hours of Kennedy's two day visit - the rest, Malpede constructing from news accounts (often conflicting), archival footage, other RFK speeches from the period, first hand recollections from hundreds of sources, and the notes created by Kennedy's aides, Peter Edelman and Tom Johnston.

In the following pages, we share what those attending the performance heard and saw: transcripts of events, the script, and photos from the performance.

September 8, 2004
Peter Edelman Speaks at UK

September 9, 2004
Vortex Hearing
The Barwick School
Hazard City Hall & Liberty Street
Yellow Creek
Alice Lloyd College

September 10, 2004
Letcher County Courthouse
Fleming-Neon High School
Fleming Head Start Center
Floyd County Fiscal Court

September 11, 2004
Neon Days
Head Start: Maximum Feasible
Artist Talk