RFK in EKY The Robert F. Kennedy Performance Project: Recreating Robert Kennedy's two-day, 200 mile
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Post 2004 Project Documentation

RFK in EKY has generated twenty-two hundred images, over two hundred hours of video and film documentation, and dozens of interviews.

The archive, cataloguing the more than 2200 images that where collected during the project, was designed by Andrea Kubilus as a usable and portable reference device. The archive has been replicated in ring binders, with a paper catalogue, sectioned by site, that detail the images in three categories:
-- Historical: pictures of RFK's visit to eastern KY in 1968 donated by local residents and archives,
-- Preparation: pictures of rehearsals and events in preparation of the re-creation,
-- Performance: pictures of the performance itself.

Each archive binder comes with the complete set of images on fifty-eight CDs. Copies of the archive where given to libraries, schools, and partner organizations in the reenactment communities: Southeast Community College - Whitesburg, Hazard Community and Technical College, Letcher County Central High School, Alice Lloyd College, Prestonsburg Fiscal Court, Hazard Mayor's Office, Berea College, University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, Cowan Community Center, Campton Library, University of the Mountains, University of Virginia at Wise, and The RFK Memorial, Washington DC.

The video and film documentation has been used to create three “conversation starters” - short films on DVD, taken from the performance and interviews with participants and key informants on specific issues: food stamps, coal practices, and local effects of war. Each short film addresses one issue, as seen in 1968 and now. These films are designed to be shown at small community gatherings, house parties and the like, initiated, hosted, and facilitated by project participants.

John Malpede is creating a working script to produce an hour documentary titled "RFK in EKY: A Promise Deferred". A book, documenting the project and presenting deeper examinations of the issues at its heart, is also under development.

The project has also completed a major upgrade and update of its website.

Out of the pictures and memorabilia gathered during RFK in EKY we created a traveling exhibition that has been on display in: Appalshop in Whitesburg, at the Whitesburg High School; Southeast Community College-Whitesburg and at The Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT in Boston: see 'CAVS offers history lessons' by Lynn Heinenmann PDF and Center PDF.