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Robert F. Kennedy

The RFK Memorial Library

RFK: an upcoming American Masters documentary

Congressman Carl D. Perkins

Photographs by Paul Gordon of Kennedy in Hazard, KY, February 13, 1968

The War on Poverty

Proposal for A Nationwide War On The Sources of Poverty:
Lyndon B. Johnson's Special Message to Congress, March 16, 1964

December 1988 article from the Atlantic Monthly, assessing the War on Poverty, Part 1
     Part 2 of Atlantic Monthly Article

An NPR Report on Johnson's War on Poverty, January 2004

Poverty in Kentucky: Kentucky Youth Advocates report on child poverty

Poverty in the US: US census figures on poverty in the US

Head Start

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Head Start Bureau

LKLP's Head Start Program in eastern Kentucky

National Head Start Association

NHSA petition to save Head Start

Article on the philosophy of "maximum feasible participation" from the Civic Practices Network

Artists and Art Support

John Malpede

Los Angeles Poverty Department 1

Los Angeles Poverty Department 2 (pdf)

Harrell Fletcher

The American Festival Project's 2000 Artist and Community Gathering, from IN MOTION Magazine

The Frank Mohr Institute

Community Arts Network

Art in the Public Interest - API News

ArtsJournal: daily art news

Appalachian Studies

University of Kentucky Appalachian Studies Center

The Appalachian Studies Association

The Appalachian Center at Berea College

The Appalachian Center at East Kentucky University

More on RFK in EKY Sites

State of Kentucky Statistics

Kentucky Department of Tourism

Tour Southern and Eastern Kentucky

Wolfe County

Moths of Wolfe County

Butterflies of Wolfe County

Perry County


Moths of Perry County

Butterflies of Perry County

Knott County

Knott County Historical Society

Hindman Gingerbread Festival

Moths of Knott County

Butterflies of Knott County

Letcher County

Moths of Letcher County

Butterflies of Letcher County

Floyd County

The Floyd County Times

Moths of Floyd County

Butterflies of Floyd County

More on RFK in EKY Partners

Alice Lloyd College

Berea College

Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA)

East Kentucky Leadership Network

Frank Mohr Institute

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

Harlan County Library

Hazard Community College

Southeast Community College

Letcher County School System

Letcher County Action Team

LKLP Head Start Centers

Kentucky League of Cities

NewCities foundation

Save the Children: Cowan Community Center 1

Cowan Community Center 2

Wolfe County Library

Issues and Ideas

Strip Mining

Register to vote in Kentucky (pdf)

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign/Kensington Welfare Rights Organization

Poor People's Campaign 1968 1

Poor People's Campaign 1968 2

Poor People's Campaign 1968 3

Art-Based Historic Recreations
An Arts-Based Exploration of Mao's Long March

Milgram Experiment: Rod Dickenson

The Battle of Orgreave: Jeremy Deller

La Commune, Paris, 1871: Peter Watkins