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Barwick, KY

They traveled south from Vortex to visit another one room school, this one in Barwick, Breathitt County. School was in session and Kennedy talked to each student individually, asking them what they'd had to eat today.

Bonnie Jean Carroll was the teacher at Barwick School in 1968. Today she teaches in the head Start program in nearby Chavies. In '68 many of the children needed a big meal at school to be sufficiently nourished. Bonnie and her students did a lot of cooking in the classroom. They made a big, hot meal every day. She had the boys walk two miles into town to get milk and other things, while the girls cooked. When I showed her pictures of the inside of the school, which hasn't been used as a school since 1968, but is still standing, she said, "My stove, my stove..."

Bonnie Jean Carroll &
Barwick School's 1968 Class

John Malpede Interviews Zona Akemon
Zona Akemon's family owns the property where the Barwick School is located, and has a long history of activism in the area.

An Email from William Greider on RFK's Visit to Barwick School
William Greider is National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation. In 1968 he covered Kennedy's visit for the Louisville Courier-Journal.

1968 Barwick Student Portraits

Barwick School Student and Aide

Barwick School Aide and Cook

Christmas Season in Barwick School

Barwick School, 2004

Bonnie Jean Carroll and Zona Akemon, 2004

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