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Yellow Creek Mining Site, Knott County, KY

After leaving Hazard, they stopped, unannounced, at a Yellow Creek strip mining site, and after a contentious moment of negotiation between RFK and the mine's security staff, mine owner Bill Sturgill allowed Kennedy and his entourage access to the site.

Visit to Mine Site 1968

A Strip Mine in 2004

Anne and James Caudill (about the strip-mine visit):
"I don't think they arranged to go to the strip mine in Yellow Creek. Bill Sturgill had a lot of security there.  Kennedy wanted to see it and he just drove up there. But of course it is a little hard to completely say no to the attorney general, the brother of the former president. If you want to see a strip mine you just drive up there and go there, there is always a way to get around the gate if there is one."

Caravan to Yellow Creek Site

Milton Ogle and RFK

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